We help to save people’s lives.

As the premier food testing laboratory in Singapore, we have been trusted by Singapore’s Small and Medium Enterprises and large Multinational Corporations to provide food testing services since 1997.

Innovation has been a hallmark of our success.

In addition to providing innovative testing methods to customers, we are a pioneer in Singapore in leveraging robotic technologies in our lab. Innovation has been a hallmark of our success.  This innovation permeates our people, business processes, and technology. Ugene Lab provides accurate and reliable service to its customers through the use of automated testing. We believe that innovation is good for our clients, industry, employees, and general well-being of the public.

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Our clients that we serve operate in a variety of industries, and we provide a number of valuable services to them:

Industries We Serve


We serve the Agriculture industry by deploying a comprehensive range of analytical techniques in order to ensure animal feed remains compliant with international regulations.

Chinese Medicine Manufacturer

The increasing popularity and widespread use of traditional Chinese herbs as alternative medicine have increased the demand on testing in this industry to ensure safety and quality.

Food Manufacturers

A single incident of quality control or poor facility hygiene could have a disastrous impact on a company's reputation. For Food Manufacturers, we ensure food quality during processing, storage, packing and transportation.


Undetected germs and bacteria left behind after cleaning can quickly lead to guest illnesses. Through hygiene audits and food testing, we help hotels prevent a negative guest experience, and protect their reputation.

Importers and Exporters

Traders of seafood, meat and eggs are required by the Singapore Food Agency to perform certain tests and obtain required certificates. We help importers and exporters to obtain relevant licenses and permits including food test certificates before export or transshipment.

Restaurants and Retailers

Restaurants, retailers and their consumers want to be comfortable that their food is safe for consumption.  To help provide that comfort, we test food for pathogens (e.g. bacteria), chemicals and small molecules (e.g. antibiotics and pesticides).

Services We Provide

Microbiological Testing

Food, Water, Chinese Medicine, and Health Supplements Testing - Microbial Indicator Tests, Food Borne Pathogens, Real-Time Shelf Life, Accelerated Shelf Life, Others

Agriculture and Feed Testing – Available for a wide range of feed tests in supporting our international clients and their stringent quality and safety standards

Hand Sanitizer and Cleaners – Check effectiveness against pathogens and reduction rate against specific bacteria.

Rapid Test Methods – Rapid testing for indicator organisms and pathogens in Food Products and Environmental Swabs. Salmonella Test Result

Customized Test Methods – With over 27 years of microbiology experience, we are able to develop specialized test methods based on customers’ needs. In collaboration with customers, we can also evaluate and validate your in-house test methods.

Hygiene Monitoring – Indicator Testing, Food Borne, Air and swab handling. UClean Hygiene Swab

Chemical Testing

Food, Feed, Nutraceuticals, Water and Cosmetics Products - Heavy Metal Analysis, Nutritional Labelling Test, Others.


Audits and Training – Audits for food establishments and production plants. Training courses for test methods and understanding micro-organisms

Pre-prepared Media – Supplier of ready to use agar plates and swabs